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Top 5 Must-Have Qualities of a Carer

Being a carer can be tough, but it's always rewarding. If you are thinking of taking up a career in care work, having these 5 must-have qualities will help you on the way to being a great carer.

There are hundreds of professional qualifications you can take to support your care work journey and although they are really beneficial to have, some of the most valuable qualities of a great carer are the skills that cannot be taught.

So what are the top 5 must-have qualities that a carer should have?

#1 - Empathy

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another person is an essential quality of a carer. Empathy enables you to connect with your Client and be able to give recognition and validation of that person's fears, anxieties and struggles and show compassion. By putting yourself in someone else's shoes, you can better assist in caring and planning the best types of support in a shared decision approach.

#2 - Passionate

Being passionate about what you do is one of the most important traits of a healthcare professional. If you are passionate about providing high quality care and support to others, you will always be striving to do your best, which is all any Client could hope for.

Care work can be extremely demanding, so having that passion will drive you to work well under pressure and think on your feet.

"Empowering others to be able to live their life as they wish in a safe and dignified manner, is a huge privilege."

#3 - Reliability

For people requiring care services, it's vital to receive support from someone who is completely reliable, which could mean the reliability to understand instruction, administer medication on schedule, be at work on time, be flexible to support their needs - the list goes on.

People use the services of a carer to reduce the stress of managing it all alone, so being able to rely and depend on their care worker is a very important quality to have.

#4 - Flexibility

Flexibility in a care role is a given. There will be times that you need to work long hours and provide last minute cover or emergency situations where you cannot just get up and leave - it's a highly desirable trait to be a carer that's understanding of the requirements of the role and can be flexible to suit the needs of their Client and the business.

#5 - Great Listener

It's a skill that is necessary for care work, to be able to really listen and be attentive to your Client, to be the person they can discuss their worries and concerns with or even just for a general chit chat because they haven't had anyone to properly talk to for a while.

Being a good listener shows respect and compassion. It's definitely a must-have quality to possess!

If these are 5 qualities you think you have and you are interested in starting a career in care or are an established carer to is interested in working with Ann's Guiding Hand, please get in touch or head over to our vacancies page to see if there are any roles you wish to apply for.

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