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Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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"Journey to Independence": Supporting Young Adults Living with a Disability

A powerful campaign by the UK disability charity, Leonard Cheshire, highlights the physical and emotional struggle of one man's journey back to independence in their new 60 second video

(Video created by Don't Panic and shot by Stink Films' Matilda Finn)

The hard-hitting video, although short, perfectly depicts some of the challenges that young disabled people face every day and serves as a reminder not to take our own independence for granted.

George McCallum, creative director of Don’t Panic said “If you want to know about work ethic, ask a disabled person. Disability can happen to anybody and when it does the hard work never ends; and yet the physical and emotional struggle of disabled people often goes unnoticed or unseen. Leonard Cheshire see not only disability but ability. Offering much-needed support and understanding whoever you are, and whatever your journey to independence might look like. To shine a light on just one of these stories we posed a run-of-the-mill interview question; “What’s your work ethic like?” And answered it by showing the hard, painful, yet empowering story of one disabled man.”

It's been reported that 1 in 5 of us in the UK will acquire a disability at some point in our lives due to an accident, stroke, heart-attack or other health condition which could completely strip us (or a loved one) of our independence to do even the simplest of tasks on our own - and in those situations, we are right here to offer advice and guidance on local services and rehabilitation available to you.

Having your independence taken away from you suddenly can leave you feeling frightened, isolated and frustrated which is why disability support services, like ours, are vital to help guide you back as close to the life you once knew, enabling you to live, learn and work with the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our whole purpose for operating is to give vulnerable young adults, whether born with a disability or acquired later on, more choices, greater flexibility and care support that is bespoke to your exact needs.

We believe that the use of Direct Payments (where eligible) can vastly improve your level of control and therefore, together with Ann's Guiding Hand, we can build up your independence to be exactly as you would like it to be with the hours of care you desire and personal assistance that is the right fit for you.

If you would like to learn more about the support services we can offer young adults, please take a look through our website for more detailed information, or contact Ann to set up a call.

Your life. Your choice. Your care.

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