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Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Helping You Find the Care You Need

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Whether it is to support you to maintain independent living, start the recruitment process for a carer, offer consultancy services or care team management, Ann's Guiding Hand is here to help.

When you contact Ann's Guiding Hand, we will not just assign you a Carer and then be on our way...

I'm passionate about providing a high quality, bespoke service to my Clients, which means I will go above and beyond to ensure that they are matched with the perfect care support plan and care worker to suit them.  To do this, I have to carefully assess your current and on-going needs and get a deeper understanding about you as a person.

Once I've completed an in-person assessment, I'll get to work in finding you a caregiver who is the best fit for your needs and personality, carefully matching skills and behaviours to your individual requirements. 

Perhaps you want a seasoned care professional with a larger than life personality?  Or a highly skilled carer who is as unobtrusive as possible?  Or you simply want some companionship... The decision is completely down to you, but I will be there to help facilitate and guide you and your family as much as you want along the way.

All of our carers and personal assistants are carefully selected, recruited and vetted before being assigned to our Clients and further help is on offer if you need it.

Ann's Guiding Hand can support continuous training requirements, help our Clients or their family to become the employer and manage the care staff themselves from contracts to payroll, making the whole process much easier to deal with.

With my list of resources and hands-on care knowledge, I'm confident I can help you find the type of quality care support that you need.

So get in touch with me today if you'd like to discuss further.

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